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Big Every Time was established in 1983 by founding members Timothy Troxell known as Papa T and Joe Daniels Jr. a.k.a JD.  Papa T is known for his unique Jamaican-island style roots-reggae sound and JD for his soulful R&B flavor with a hint of Hip Hop created the Polynesian P Funk Reggae Sounds of Big Every Time.

Papa T started performing early on with an island local group “Diane and The Boys”, jumping up on stage with her at Oasis, Fast Eddies, and Board Rider on the island of Oahu.  Diane persisted Papa T meet JD who was Diane’s good friend/neighbor’s son.  Papa T wondered if JD was trying to replace him.  They finally met, became forever friends, performing together on stage with Diane and soon backing up for Bruddah Waltah.  A universal pull brought the two rare uncommon halves together collaborating and creating new music, the rest is history.


Their first album was Polynesian P Funk, created their first hit song on the radio “Reggae Love”.  Their next two albums got them on the map “Hear We Come” album produced their R&B love slow jam hit song “Hook it up” and reggae dancing song “Vibes Dem Cool”.  Their Album “Volume 3” kept the hits coming with “Trust In Me”, “Good Ol Days”, “Summer Time”, and “Searchin”. Universitile their fourth album brought the creation of “Don’t Stop” and “Truly Girl” and their fifth album self-titled Big Every Time introduced their hit “Your love”.


Papa T and JD collaborated with other well-known Hawaii local artists:

Troy Fernandez - “If It Ain’t Real Love”

Manao Company - “Sweet Reggae Women”

Namahana - “Baby I”

THC - “Hi Town Thing”

Sean Naauao - “Punani Patrol”

Fiji - “Come on Over”

Ten Feet - “Island Feelin”

Minoaka “Pata Pata”


In 2008 JD left the band suddenly, Sinipao Roberts aka Daddy P went from backup singer to front man standing beside Papa T with his soulful smooth vocals created Blessed Every Time, continuing the Big Every Time vibes and hits.


Sinipao joined BET in 2006 as a backup singer.  He performed with Rukkus and Pati prior to singing with Big Every Time.  Thrown into the spot light as a lead singer he took the challenge head on and kept it going with Papa T for eleven years.


JD is back and graciously grateful and humbled by the continued support and Aloha after everything.


Back in studio and ready to release their first single “Calling Me Home” on January 10th was written by JD the day he found out he was coming back home to Hawaii and Papa T finished with his positive reggae vibe.


Big Every Time could not continue on their journey without all the Aloha and support from their Ohana (family), band members (now and past), friends and fans.  Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts, words can’t express how we truly feel about all of you….




Timothy Troxell

Papa T one of the original founders of Big Every Time is the heart beat of the group, known for his positive reggae vibe.


Joe Daniels Jr.

Known as JD is an original founding member of the group brings R&B with a touch of Hip Hop to Big Every Time.


Sinipao Roberts

In 2008 "Daddy P" become one of the lead singers of Big Every Time.  His soulful smooth vocals complimented the B.E.T. sound.

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